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Welcome to Aachen! Aachen – a City to Fall in Love with

Some people say that the special feature of Aachen is its location in the border triangle Germany – the Netherlands - Belgium. Other people think it is Aachen Cathedral that attracts numerous visitors to the city. We say it is both – and many things more. But find out yourself what makes the most western metropolis in Germany so special. We are looking forward to your visit!

Aachen’s Top Ten attractions

Aachen: the cathedral, the old city and the Elisenbrunnen fountain. Traditional-style and modern boutique cafés. Students, families, and people of all ages. The attractions our city has to offer are as varied as the city itself. We have made a small selection for you of places you must be sure to visit during your stay in “Oche”, as we call Aachen.

Aachen is the most beautiful city in the world...

... located at the point where three countries – Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands – meet, it enchants visitors time and again. Visit its monuments and squares, stroll through its narrow, winding lanes, and enjoy the flair of the westernmost major city in Germany.

Aachen in Figures – Interesting facts that you might not yet know

  • 253.945 "Öcher" live in Aachen, of whom one in five is a student
  • 17,5 mln tourists come to Aachen every year on day trips
  • 160,85 km² is the city area of Aachen
  • 4 higher education institutions are located in Aachen

Text and links courtesy of aachen tourist service e.v.