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REAL CORP 2022 Special Topic

In co-operation with and under co-ordination of Judith Ryser and Roman Pomazan

Papers to be published in REAL CORP 2022 Proceedings with ISBN, ISSN & DOI.

The New Ukraine Agenda

The international REAL CORP community of planning professionals expresses solidarity with Ukraine in its struggle to free its country from war. Its resistance is an inspiration and REAL CORP wishes to contribute to Ukraine’s post-war recovery and return to a liveable place. At the forthcoming 2022 conference REAL CORP plans a special session on Ukraine to offer collective professional knowledge and experience of its participants towards the reconstruction of cities and regions in a free Ukraine.

Under the guidance of Ukrainian planners and professionals REAL CORP 2022 plans to work on a strategy of practical solutions to help reconstruct infrastructure, bombed-out cities and human resources, to contribute technical assistance and to work on plans for cooperative action with those in charge of redesigning and realising Ukraine’s renewal. Existing city networks (Eurocities, Silk Cities, and many others) will be invited to share their experiences of cities cooperating with each other, as well as the initiatives they are pursuing at present to contribute to reconstruction.

REAL CORP participants are invited to contribute papers and share their experiences with regeneration at the special session. Among the topics are: processes of recovery, post-conflict urban planning in cities and regions; intercity and interregional cooperation in rebuilding and creating synergies between cities and regions; active engagement of citizens in the material reconstruction as well as the cultural revitalisation of cities; adequate information and communication technologies to facilitate international knowledge sharing and cooperation in reconstruction; realising stable and safe long term development; urban planning strategies and action plans for humanitarian relief; strengthening urban resilience under conflict situations; and dealing with consequences of geopolitical fault lines in cities.

Work at this special session will be dedicated to develop scenarios for a participatory strategy connecting different geographic scales, timelines and professional disciplines.

The values of the New Ukraine Agenda are:

  • liberty and sovereignty,
  • urban scale,
  • reconnected country and improved mobility,
  • climate emergency and biodiversity regeneration,
  • digital transformation to enhance social trust,
  • healthcare and education,
  • decentralised and secure energy grids,
  • environment conscious and net-zero construction,
  • innovations and entrepreneurship,
  • cultural authenticity and creative industries,
  • social cohesion for community development,
  • new global security,
  • resilience planning for inclusive cities,
  • renewables and carbon-positive technologies,
  • participatory dialogue for better planning and management,
  • time and economy-responsive rebuild.