Conference Login

REAL CORP 2020 takes place as a virtual conference. To log in, please go to

This conference platform is your base website for all conference days. You see the entire schedule and you can join all virtual sessions and presentations from this portal only.

How to use the conference portal

Navigate to – on your first visit you will see this screen:


After a few seconds a little hint appears at the bottom of your screen:


Click on this hint, and two buttons will appear:


The first button is for guest access. Guests can join a few REAL CORP 2020 sessions without registration. These are: Conference Opening, all Keynote Sessions, Contemporary Developments and Response of the Planning Profession in Major Cities, Rheinisches Revier, Sustainable Energy Systems in Neighbourhoods (NEQ), and Transformation über Grenzen hinweg.

Click the guest login if you are not registered as a conference participant. Otherwise, click the login button and enter your username and password. Upon your first login, you will be asked to confirm your personal data, and if neccesary, make changes. Having completed this little conference portal registration, you are directly taken to the main menu which looks like so:


Click on "Agenda" to see the conference timeline. Note that you can switch between the conference days through the orange top bar. As a registered participant, you have the possibility to filter sessions by channels on the right side of your screen – for example, if you click on "Channel 2", you will see only Channel 2 sessions.


Click on a session to open the detail view:


If the session is active (it will automatically be active on the right day at the right time), there will be an orange button in the top area of your screen which allows you to join the selected session. If you click this button, you are automatically connected to the virtual space of REAL CORP 2020 with the ZOOM meeting client. (If you have never used ZOOM before, it will automatically install on your system, just follow the instructions given on your screen.)


Help me! I am a registered conference participant, but did not receive an e-mail with my personal username and password!

Don't worry, just send a short message to beyer at, we will assist you as quickly as possible.